Get Creative Now!

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What exactly is Creativity and how can you get creative now?

Creativity is absolutely necessary in order to generate original, profitable craft ideas. There are myriads of complicated explanations, but here's my simplified and to the point, definition of creativity:

"Creativity is the learned ability to look at an object, idea, or problem, see it for what it is, then imagine what else it could be, or what can be done to alter its' current state or make it better."

Creative Thinking On Steroids

That's it. This should show you that your current level of creativity is simply the result of the way you think. It's just a habit. So if you feel you lack creativity, it's only a matter of changing the way you look at things! You are no more or less creative than anyone else. The difference is simply how you think, and in the next article you'll see how easy it is to cultivate your creativity to the max.

I'm going to show you the simplest, most powerful technique to get creative. You just practice it to operate at a higher level for incredible results; and it's even easy to master.

But for right now, I just want you to understand that you are creative, and cleverness can be mastered by anyone who really wants to.

You may not think of yourself as artistic because your genius is not as apparent as a "painter" for instance. Your talents could be more abstract and in totally different areas. It doesn't mean you're any less inventive or less capable of developing creative craft ideas; you may just have to dig a little deeper to find your niche.

Once you are practiced at the following techniques, I know you will be able to generate better moneymaking ideas, and much more often!

Click on the link below to get started and let's get creative:

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